Hi everyone! My name is James and I’m creating this blog because I recently wrote a bunch of quick “reviews” about newer movies on my personal Facebook account and I really had a good time doing it so here I am. I am by no means an educated film critic. I didn’t go to school for film and I don’t have a concrete understanding of how a movie should or shouldn’t be made. I do however LOVE movies and I really like writing about them. I plan on doing three things with this blog.

  1. At the Movies: As a big movie freak I spend a LOT of time at the movies so one of the things I’d like to do here is reviews on movies that are currently in theaters. Now I understand that there aren’t going to always be movies worth seeing so this will be one of those things that I’ll get to when it’s possible. Hopefully once a week I’ll be able to get a current movie in this blog.
  2. Every Single Movie: Heyyyy see what I did there??? The main thing that will keep me busy on this blog will be trying to watch all the movies I own and writing reviews on all of them. I’ll slowly make my way through my big movie collection A-Z, week by week. Should be fun.
  3. Requests: Another thing I’d like to do is take requests! Have a movie that you love that you’d like to hear my thoughts on? Let me know! Not sure if you want to see a movie and you for some strange reason trust my weird opinion? I’ll let you know what I think!

Ok so that’s the gist of what I’ll be doing here! Hopefully in the next week or so I’ll be able to get this site looking neat and fancy with the help of some friends! Wish me luck folks and be on the lookout for my first review! (hint: it involves weird dolls, a post apocalyptic setting and artificial intelligence.)


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