Every Single Movie

And we’re off! In time I hope to write about all the movies I own, which is like over 600 so it make take years, but I’ve got nothing else going on so… I plan on jumping around instead of doing things in alphabetical order, but seeing as this is my first write up I’ll start with the first movie in my collection.

9 (2009)

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Directed by: Shane Acker

Starring: Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer, John C. Riley, Jennifer Connelly and Crispin Glover

This is a fun one. I mean it’s super bleak and dreary and a bit dark at times, but it’s a fun movie to watch. Set in a post apocalyptic version of Earth where machine and man waged war on each other until everything was destroyed, a small group of sentient doll beings try to survive the harsh world around them, while learning the truth of their existence.

This movie moves quick, but not in a bad way. It’s a short movie (only an hour and twenty minutes), but it makes great use of every second. It’s full of action and suspense that looks better than some live action blockbusters coming out today. My problem with short movies is that I feel like it’s hard to care about characters and events when the movie is over and done with before you can make a connection. This movie doesn’t have that problem at all. Each of the characters, who are named simply in order of when they were created, are unique and interesting. Elijah Wood’s #9 is a pretty generic hero and Christopher Plummer offers up an equally generic antagonist in the form of #1, but the supporting characters are all very fun, especially the voiceless twins #3 and #4 (I tend to gravitate towards the supporting characters in all movies so this makes sense for me.)

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As far as performances go everyone does their job here, but that’s about it. I’ve always been fascinated by voice acting. To be able to convey all the emotion of a live action role, but only using one’s voice. That’s gotta be tough. All the cast members do a solid job of giving life to their characters, but I honestly wasn’t blown away by anyone in this.

This movie deals with one of my favorite themes in film which is A.I. I love seeing films that delve into existence and consciousness and while this movie doesn’t dive nearly as deep as other great A.I. films such as Ex Machina or Bicentennial Man, it certainly touches on those themes more than you might expect a short animated movie to.

Overall this is a great little movie with a lot of heart that doesn’t shy away from going to some dark places. There isn’t a dull moment which is always appreciated and there really aren’t many other movies that come to mind that are like this, so points for originality. I recommend this movie to anyone with a spare hour and a half who wants to be entertained. It’s not so heavy that you need to glue yourself to it and at the end of the day we all need those fun, easy to watch films every now and then.

Quick disclaimer: You might look this movie up and see Tim Burton’s name plastered on it. I’m not gunna go into my thoughts on Tim Burton, but for those who don’t care for him rest assured this doesn’t look or feel like a Burton film. And better yet, Johnny Depp is no where to be found!

1 down, an endless amount to go. Until next time!

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